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        1、Establishment of Party branches
        Yinjia group established the Party branch in 2004 and the Party committee of the group in 2011, with six branches under it. At present, there are 78 formal party members and 4 probationary party members. In recent years, we have successively won the provincial and municipal civilized units, "two new" excellent party work. In 2015-2019, the electrical Party branch won the "five-star" advanced Party branch of Zhenjiang city. From 2015 to 2019, the group Party committee successively won the advanced grass-roots party organization and Party construction demonstration point in Yangzhong City and Sanmao street. They are the advanced collective, the national staff library and the provincial model worker library, the municipal model worker and the May 1st Labor award.
        2、Emphasizing "learning" and implementing theme education
        Focusing on the theme education activities of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", we should strengthen the management of Party members' learning, education and management, and improve the party spirit consciousness of Party members.
        (1)to strengthen learning, use the existing platform of the company, strengthen the party constitution, learn the history of party, learn series speech, learn China's Xi Jinping new era socialism thought outline, learn "forget the beginning of mind, remember the mission" excerpts;
        (2)It is to continue to promote the activities of "two learning and one doing" and "pioneering achievements and integral management";
        (3)It's a theme activity. Activities such as "four heavy", "four bright" and "five red" were carried out. Red letter reading meeting was organized to "read the red letter and inherit the red power". The party members were organized to go to Nanhu, former residence of Zhou Enlai, Shajiabang and other places to carry out red education. On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the "Yinjia Cup - good voice" was carried out All the party members sang "I and my motherland" in the red song competition.
        3、Attach importance to "economy" and unite the joint force of enterprise development
        (1)Through the "four synchronization" to enhance the scientific decision-making level of enterprises, give play to the advantages of talents and services, and enhance the vitality of enterprise development;
        (2)It is the group Party committee that actively organized party members to take the lead in business sales, and achieved good results in annual sales orders of 30 million Party members and more than 40 sets of real estate sales. The party organization can focus on the economic work of the enterprise, condense the development force of the enterprise, and play an important role.
        4、Attach importance to "service" and give full play to the exemplary role of Party members
        (1)It's about serving employees. Carry out the activities of pairing party members and new employees. Each party member contacts a new employee to help them improve their technical level and solve their difficult needs. They are signed in the form of a letter of responsibility, and the implementation of responsibilities is checked once a quarter. Party members form pairs with poor employees, and each party member couples with poor employees to help them solve the problems of schooling and medical treatment.
        (2)It is to pay attention to service development. Implementation of the "333" project. Through the "three bright", "three comparison" and "three have", further play the leading role of Party members and serve the scientific development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
        (3) Paying attention to social services is to provide social services. In cooperation with the "wheat field plan" public welfare organizations, all Party members joined the "wheat field plan", playing a leading role in poverty alleviation, environmental protection, legal publicity and other aspects.
        5、Attach importance to "innovation" and enhance the actual effect of "double type"
        Innovatively carry out the "three strong and three excellent" activities. Organize and carry out the Party branch striving for "strong political guidance, strong reform and innovation, strong cohesion and guarantee", strive to be the "three strong and three excellent" theme activities of "excellent political quality, excellent post skills and excellent work performance", so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of Party members to strive for first-class performance. The third is to carry out the party masses co construction activities in an innovative way. "The Party committee pays attention to learning, the Trade Union pays attention to service, and the Communist Youth League pays attention to activities", so as to realize the simultaneous progress of all work of the party and the masses!
        In a word, the Party committee of Yinjia group has sound organization, normal activities, characteristic work, and pays attention to long-term effect, so as to escort the development of the enterprise!

        "Yinjia Cup" electrical assembler competition
        "Yinjia Cup" horse racing activity in 2017
        Activities in Zhou Enlai's former residence on July 1

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