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        What is "new infrastructure"? List of individual stocks in the industry chain of seven major fields

        Time:2020/03/04 Visits:2495

        Gao He Investment Research Center
        Source: Gaohe investment (ID: ghic capital)

        Today, a very important meeting was held!

        The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on March 4, which pointed out that we should accelerate the construction of major projects and infrastructure that have been clearly defined in the national plan.
        We should increase investment in public health services and emergency supplies, and accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5g network and data center. We should pay attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of private investment.

        In fact, as early as the year before last, the central economic work conference listed 5g, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of things and other new infrastructure construction as one of the key tasks of economic construction in 2019.
        Compared with traditional infrastructure construction, it can better reflect the scope of China's economic transformation and promote the upgrading of new-type infrastructure.
        In 2019, under the general tone of "six stability" of China's macro-economic development, the construction of new infrastructure will provide a strong driving force for a new round of economic growth.

        So, here's the problem!
        What is "new infrastructure"?

        Traditional infrastructure construction refers to large buildings such as railways, highways, bridges, water conservancy projects, etc., while "new infrastructure" refers to the infrastructure construction of science and technology
        1、 5g base station construction
        2、 UHV
        3、 Intercity High Speed Railway and urban rail transit
        4、 New energy vehicle charging pile
        5、 Big data center
        6、 Artificial intelligence
        7、 Industrial Internet

        In fact, the concept of "new infrastructure" was put forward last year, but now it is the current epidemic situation, and the global economy is in a round of development worries. Therefore, the market expects that all countries and local governments will increase their investment in "infrastructure". Therefore, the "new infrastructure" has been taken out by the market for a new stir.

        In fact, this is exactly the same as the article we wrote the day before yesterday. Where are the gold mining opportunities for the 30 trillion "smashed" new infrastructure? 》There are also studies that show that "new infrastructure" actually includes seven major fields, involving many industrial chains. The following is a list of relevant listed companies:

        01.5g infrastructure

        In terms of 5g base station construction, 8 stocks need to be focused on: ZTE and Fiberhome are the first to be launched by equipment manufacturers.

        As a 5g leader, ZTE predicts that the net profit scale of the company's parent company from 2019 to 2021 will be 4.74 billion yuan, 5.71 billion yuan and 7.02 billion yuan respectively; the net profit margin of parent company will be 5.0%, 5.3% and 5.6%, respectively, and the company's profitability will continue to increase.

        The typical 5g base station construction companies also include Shennan circuit in PCB, optical communication technology in optical module business, universal communication in antenna business, Dafu technology in filter business, digital knowledge technology and Beixun group in base station supporting services.

        02. UHV power Internet of things

        The State Grid recently issued the key tasks of State Grid Corporation of China in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as "key tasks"), covering 10 categories and 31 specific work contents, including electric power Internet of things, comprehensive energy services, UHV, business and distribution integration, power market transactions, chips, etc.

        In 2020, the investment in power grid is expected to exceed the expectation, and the construction of UHV will be accelerated. Meanwhile, there will be structural growth in power Internet of things, chip / IGBT and distribution network. Under the background of stable infrastructure construction, more investment in power grid will promote the performance improvement of leading companies.

        Related concept stocks include Guodian Nari, Changgao group, Pinggao electric, Xuji Electric, Juhua technology, State Grid Xintong, longcable technology, China western power, Gaoyuan software, Linyang energy, Haixing power, etc.

        03. High Speed Rail Transit

        Rail transit concept stocks can focus on CRRC, Kangni Electromechanical, Huatie, Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, Jinyi industry, Jinxi axle, Dinghan technology, new materials of the times, etc.

        04. New energy vehicle charging pile

        "Smart car innovation and development strategy" puts forward to promote the development of large-scale, comprehensive application pilot city level intelligent vehicles in places where conditions permit, and support advantageous regions to create national leading areas of Internet of vehicles. In the aspect of cultivating new market players, it is proposed to encourage vehicle enterprises to gradually become new energy intelligent vehicle product suppliers, and encourage parts enterprises to gradually become key system integration suppliers of intelligent vehicles.

        Among them, we have repeatedly stressed that Tesla industrial chain is the main investment line throughout 2020. Among Sanhua Zhikong, Huayu automobile, BYD, Ningde times, BYD and Xusheng shares, among these companies, Xusheng shares and Ningde era have superimposed the recent refinancing concept. In particular, Xusheng has obtained the approval and can start issuing at any time.

        There are two main investment lines in the charging pile field, involving four stocks. One is that the leading operating enterprises with first mover advantage, capital scale and brand effect will still occupy the absolute leading position in the number and share of charging piles. The second is the manufacturer of DC charging machine, charging module and other power supply manufacturers: kestar and inkray.

        In addition, for the refinancing plan of Ningde era, please refer to "just now! Ningde Times announced the refinancing of 20 billion yuan, and the new refinancing amount has exceeded 50 billion yuan.

        05. Cloud computing data center

        Cloud computing industry chain is the most deterministic technology sub sector in the future. The performance growth of global technology giants has been continuously verified. The outbreak of the epidemic has led to an outbreak of online application demand, which has further enhanced the demand related to cloud computing.

        Cloud computing / data center includes aofei data, halo new network, dataport, Sega technology, mobile communication, mobile remote communication, ZTE, horotel, STARNet Ruijie, Huagong technology, Ziguang, Wuhan Fangu, Bochuang technology, Inspur information, halo new network, Baoxin software, Zhongji xuchuang, xinyisheng, UFIDA network, Shiji information, etc.

        06On January 21, 2020, the Ministry of science and technology, the development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Education issued the work plan for strengthening the "from 0 to 1" basic research, and artificial intelligence was given priority support as the first major scientific issue, The Ministry of education, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued several opinions on promoting the integration of disciplines and accelerating the cultivation of graduate students in the field of artificial intelligence.

        Individual stocks of artificial intelligence industry chain will benefit significantly: Jiadu technology, qianfang technology, Siwei tuxin, Dongjie intelligent, Zhongke Chuangda, iFLYTEK, julun intelligence, Hikvision, Saiwei intelligence, Yuanda intelligence, Haide control, Gaoxin, etc.

        07. Industrial Internet
        At the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on February 21, it was stressed that the construction of new investment projects should be strengthened and the construction progress of projects under construction should be accelerated. The industrial Internet should be listed as the key direction to accelerate the development. On February 24, the Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) stressed that it would focus on supporting the resumption of work in strategic emerging industries such as 5g and industrial Internet.

        In terms of industrial Internet, the industrial chain companies include mobile communication, mobile communication, UFIDA network, orient Guoxin, Baoxin software, hande information, Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Nari of Guodian, Linyang energy, Neusoft carrier, Henghua technology, etc.
        The related companies of Internet of vehicles include mobile communication, Gaoxing, 3D communication, China Tower, Gaohong shares and Guomai


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